Renascent Solutions

Renascent Solutions

Renascent Solutions is a Seattle-based executive search firm that specializes in the recruitment and placement of high technology sales and marketing professionals and corporate leaders. Our proven, focused approach allows us to rapidly identify validated individuals who will increase corporate revenue and solidify organizational function. The sales recruiters at Renascent Solutions help build unparalleled teams for companies in North America, Europe, and Australia. We offer contingency and retained recruiting options.

Recruitment Methodology

Recruitment Methodology

Renascent Solutions employs a highly systematic approach that is inclusive, rapid, and exceptionally productive. Our recruitment methodology has been carefully refined during the course of numerous engagements and has proven to be amongst the most productive in the executive search sector.  From the initial analysis of the position to negotiations and follow-up,  our sales recruiters provide a truly comprehensive and ultimately successful search process. 

Additional Services

Additional Services

All businesses can greatly benefit from periodic reviews by an external, confidential source. We have successfully completed a variety of projects encompassing organizational analysis, security and retention, background checks, and primary employment approaches which have substantially improved the operability of both private and public organizations. Renascent Solutions offers the following services:

  • Renascent Solutions

    Renascent Solutions

  • Recruitment Methodology

    Recruitment Methodology

  • Additional Services

    Additional Services


Position Focus

Corporate Board Member

Vice President of Sales 
Vice President of Marketing
Sales Director
Sales Manager
Sales Operations

Sales Representative
Account Executive
Account Manager
Sales Engineer

Channel Sales
Alliances Manager
Business Development
Partner Manager
Marketing Manager
Marketing Communications
Product Marketing
Professional Services

Industry Focus

Software - including Analytics, BAM, Big Data, Business Intelligence, BPM, BSM, Cloud, Collaboration, CEM, Content Management, CRM, Database, Data Warehousing, DMS, EAI, EAM, e-Learning, ERP, Financial, FPM, HR, IaaS, Knowledge Management, MRP, NAS, PLM, PM, Portal, PRM, SaaS, SAN, SCM, Security, SFA, SOA, SRM, Storage, Virtualization
- IT Consulting
- Professional Services
- Telecommunications and Networking
- E-Commerce
- Infrastructure
- Internet
- Hardware


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  Poll Results: Monthly surveys covering an array of pertinent topics
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How many interviews did you complete with your current employer in order to obtain your job?

1 - 15.4%
2 - 38.5%
3 - 30.8%
4+ - 15.4%

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