Note From Founder – Dan McLaughlin

I started Renascent Solutions after generating a sizeable amount of revenue during my first full year as a sales recruiter. My cumulative pay for that effort based on the scale in place was about 38% of the total – a seemingly generous amount but one that turned out to be woefully low given further reflection and examination of the recruiting industry as a whole.

Numerous firms employ this type of compensation structure or one very similar to it. This works fine when you have little interest in properly rewarding people for their work and do not have the long-term goal of putting together an exceptional team who will be happy for years within a particular environment. It was my goal, however, to build a company that afforded superb benefits and rewards to performers while still keeping in mind the overall health of the firm. To that end, Renascent Solutions offers two primary recruiter positions in the software/high tech realm. The payout schedule for each is compiled on a yearly basis rather than quarterly with a reset to the base payout every 3 months as many others do. There is nothing more enervating than working well and having the needle set back to zero in this manner.

Account Executives are eligible to become Senior Account Executives when they produce 500 K in revenue during any congruent 24 month term. It is not entirely unreasonable to expect a highly-motivated person to achieve the SAE role within a year and be in the higher percentage bracket for much of that time.

For individuals who are seeking an environment that rewards recruiters on a level matched by few in the business, Renascent Solutions offers an exceptional opportunity to succeed and grow as a professional and team member. If you are a proven performer or a high-energy, confident, undeterred striver interested in a career as a sales recruiter please examine the expanded job descriptions to the right.