December 2006: Does your company use personality tests as part of the hiring process?
1 in 5 who responded to this survey indicate that their company utilizes these type of assessment tests to review and rank the potential fit and ultimate productivity of a candidate. The effectiveness of these type of evaluation tools widely varies thus it's important to have a full understanding of what you are measuring and how it may apply to the position you are offering.

November 2006:
Is it acceptable to lay off employees via email?
Although impersonal terminations may shield managers from unwanted personal contact during the process, it is essential to remember that the vast percentage of those against such a practice have an ever-expanding field of readily accessible and transmittable media from which to mount an effective campaign of discovery. The net results (perceived corporate approach, loss of morale, and others that are viewed as less than desirable) may not be worth the small amount of apparent buffering gained.

October 2006:
Do you work while on vacation?
Many individuals find it difficult to fully disengage from their work during their alloted time off.

September 2006:
How long is your resume?
Constructing a one-page resume is not an essential component of the job search process. Indeed, it may prove to be detrimental if valuable information and achievements are omitted.

July 2006:
Is your employer willing to let you work from home?
An increasing number of companies are providing employees with the option to conduct at least a portion of their duties from a home office.

June 2006
: How many vacation days do you receive each year?
The number of hours individuals spend in the office are up. The number of vacation days allotted has remained fairly steady.

March 2006:
Should Congress enact net neutrality legislation?
Will this type of measure help ensure a level playing field and a wide array of consumer choices, or will it inhibit innovation and degrade services?

February 2006:
Patent troll or shrewd business?

January 2006
: Should government agencies be able to track visitors via persistent cookies?
Current policy allows for the use of this type of device if compelling need can be shown and a clear publication of disclosure is outlined. The results clearly show that performance management and perceived security issues do not carry more weight than personal privacy concerns.