December 2008: Are you happy with your assigned sales territory?
The majority of respondents would like to see changes in the areas and accounts they cover.

November 2008: Do you answer calls on your mobile phone while visiting with a customer?
Rude behavior or a necessity of business?

October 2008:
Resume updates - how often?
Even if you have been in your current position for quite some time, it's always a good idea to keep your professional profile updated in order to rapidly gauge opportunities that may come to your attention or pursue a job that is simply too attractive to pass up.

September 2008:
Twitter: annoying or useful?
It seems clear that most find this service to be of use, even with the occasional entry describing what may be on the plate in front of them or what color their car is.

August 2008:
Has your employer offered flexible work options due to rising gas prices?
A number of companies have begun to offer their employees various options in order to alleviate the higher price of commuting.

July 2008:
Are blogs an important source of information for your decision making?
The information gleaned from these resources clearly has become a primary source for many. Companies are also starting to realize that they may be quite effectively used as a strong component of the sales and marketing processes.

June 2008:
Has your current employer asked you to sign a non-compete agreement?
The use of this tool has increased over the past decade. One-third of the respondents say that their current company has utilized it.

May 2008: Is cold calling obsolete?
Although many in the sales profession feel that cold calling has been usurped by other methods as an effective tool, it seems clear that many still utilize it as a primary component in their business approach.

April 2008: Do you like your boss?
The results are far from scientific...

March 2008: How much effort do you put into learning about a company prior to an interview?

This one would seem to be an obvious and essential component of any successful meeting with a potential employer. Nonetheless, even though it may often seem dreary or you may have limited time, it is crucial to put as much effort as possible into study of the role and the organization.

February 2008: Are you happy with the benefits you employer provides?

The cost of employer-paid benefits continues to rise and many companies are reducing such items or passing expenses onto employees. Nonetheless, a majority of those who responded are happy with their current provisions.

January 2008: How many social networking sites do you utilize?
Social networking sites have rapidly proliferated in numerous forms during the past few years. Just how many of these does the typical sales/marketing professional use on a regular basis?