December 2009 : Does your company plan to add new employees during the first quarter of 2010?
There does indeed seem to be a very tangible increase in the number of openings that will become available in this period.

November 2009 : Have you completely eliminated all home landlines?

It appears that a good portion of the country still has not moved to mobile phone usage only. This will undoubtedly continue to change as service and coverage improves in the wireless sector.

October 2009 : Do you watch TV and use the internet at the same time?

No major surprise here.

September 2009 : Google was recently forced to reveal the identity of an anonymous blogger. Right decision?

Keeping this type of information secure seems to be important to many individuals.

August 2009 : A recent study found that multitaskers have less focus than previously thought. True?

Many people clearly still feel that this is not the case.

July 2009 : Would you take a pay cut to save other jobs in your company?

The percentage who would do so may be higher than many expected.

June 2009 : Are you happy with your current CRM system?

A wide array of complaints always seem to arise from managers who feel employees aren't using the provided software enough to frontline workers who often feel it takes up too much time or doesn't properly match their needs. Nonetheless, most individuals seem to be fairly happy with their current customer relationship tool.

May 2009 : How many messages do you leave until you move on from a potential client?
Numerous individuals maintain that they won't do business with anyone who does not leave at least 3 messages. The results show that many understand that and pursue new accounts accordingly.

April 2009 :
Is your company using Twitter for promotional purposes?
Although the service seems to arise in almost every conversation these days, many companies still are not utilizing it to supplement their sales and marketing approach.

March 2009 : Is it OK to check email/other messages during a business meeting?
Most still believe that one should put electronic items away until the meeting has ended.

February 2009 : $500 K + stock cap on corporate execs who accept bailout money...
This one was not nearly as lopsided as many might expect.

January 2009 : Do you feel you have the right to know what your co-workers earn?
No surprise here - most respondents feel they should be able to know what type of compensation their fellow employees make.