December 2011:  Do you feel that employers are utilizing social media sites as a substitute for reference checks?

This practice has become a very common component for companies to utilize thus it's essential to keep watch on the type of things you post as it more than likely will be taken into consideration during the hiring process.

November 2011:  Do you have input regarding the territories you are assigned?

It's important to use all available data and information during territory construction to ensure that each sales representative has an equal opportunity to succeed.

October 2011: Have you ever declined to hire someone based on something you found on a social media site?
This is clearly an issue that prospective candidates need to address very carefully.

September 2011: Do you scan social media sites to gather information about prospective employees?
Individuals who are seeking new positions should be aware that the vast majority of hiring managers examine what you post on these offerings. It often takes very little for them to decide a possible candidate may not be a fit for their job and organization thus it's wise to be exceptionally careful when you add information to your profile.

August 2011: Is customer satisfaction a component of your commission pay?
Numerous companies have made positive customer feedback part of many compensation plans.

July 2011:
Are you satisfied with the achievement awards offered by your company?

Not surprisingly, almost half believe that there is room for improvement in this area.

June 2011: Do you construct a competitor's case against your product?

A majority believe this component of sales is essential.

May 2011: Your smartphone is tracking you - often without your knowledge. OK with it?

This clearly is not a popular practice.

April 2011: Would you be willing to allow your auto insurer to track you via GPS in exchange for lower rates?

A majority would be willing to accept this.

March 2011: Are paid days off to volunteer important to you?

Work-sponsored time to attend to such activities is valued by a good portion of individuals.

February 2011 : Does your sales team have sufficient marketing support?

Many respondents make it clear that they feel that this component is not nearly as well-developed as it should be.

January 2011: Has garnering a commission become the only thing that matters in a sale?

A sizable group has said yes