December 2012: Have you ever listed someone you don't know as a reference on your resume?

A surprising amount of respondents admit that they have used the name of an individual they are not personally familiar with in order to enhance their chance of getting a job. The pitfalls of doing so are fairly clear.

November 2012: Does your company use online recognition programs?

Employee engagement approaches utlized by corporations have undergone some rather marked changes in recent years, and an increasing amount of companies are seeking new and more productive ways to increase retention, productivity, and general happiness.

October 2012: Does your company utilize an internal social network?

More and more organizations are implementing and offering access to corporate connection and collaboration platforms within their immediate communications structure. Utilization of these offerings is often another matter. Leaders who are actively involved in promoting the use of these tools tend to see greater usage.

September 2012: Do you feel that your business expanded too quickly?

Growth is great, but it's important to scale things in a manner that keeps clients and employees happy and sane and the company burn rate under proper control.

August 2012: Do you trust your boss?

The vast majorty of respondents to this survey say that they do indeed believe that their manager is forthright and dependable.

July 2012: Amazon appears to be working on a smartphone now. Good move?

Entry into the mobile market at this point will be difficult at best.

June 2012: Would you lie about how much you are making in your current position in order to attempt to increase the amount you make in your next role?

A rather sizeable amount of those who checked in are willing to amend their past compensation during the course of the hiring process in order to garner a greater pay package in subsequent roles. Be careful if you choose to take this route as it can rapidly backfire.

May 2012: Yahoo's CEO lied about having a stated degree. Fire him?

It's not a big surprise that many were not supportive of this type of action. Misrepresenting the level of education you have attained, particularly for an upper-level management position, is never a good idea.

April 2012: If your employer provides your smartphone do they monitor the applications you utilize?

Not only are certain companies monitoring apps, they also utilize GPS and other sources of information to keep fairly close watch on an array of activies.

March 2012: Would you be willing to give up your login information for social media sites in order to get a job?

There obviously is not a whole lot of doubt about the sentiment of respondents regarding this type of request. Employers who seek to gain this type of access must take into account the inherent difficulties and possible reactions involved with seeking private information that most deem ultimately personal.

February 2012: Are you now required to pay for company items such as a mobile phone or laptop?

An increasing number of corporate employess are being asked to foot the bill for items and services that once were covered by company funds.

January 2012:  Do you feel that your CEO is relying on methods that may no longer work in the current environment?

Half of those surveyed made it clear that they feel current corporate strategies and tools are outdated or improperly implemented.