November 2014: Does your manager seek your input regarding potential new hires?

A sound majority of hiring authorities choose to actively include an array of individuals in the hiring process in order to determine how well they feel a particular candidate may fit within the corporate culture.

October 2014: Has your company begun to utilize gamification software as part of its salesforce performance approach?

The number of offerings in this area has grown rapidly in recent years. Many have sought to gamify their processes in various forms and degrees in an attempt to improve closing rates and performance against quota.

September 2014: Do you feel that your corporate website properly conveys the value of the company's offerings?

Those surveyed tend to be happy with the job their web department is doing to promote their organization. Others would like to see a more detailed and understandable outline of the benefits their products offer.


August 2014: Does your sales department utilize a method for lead scoring?

About three-quarters of the respondents to this poll have a system in place that allows them to properly assess and prioritize sales leads.



July 2014: Do you make your contracts and proposals available online?

The availability of these forms and documents to potential clients has increased substantially along with the ability to apply and interpret relevant analytics to determine their effectiveness.


June 2014: Do you require potential prospects to complete a form in order to access content?

Many utilize this type of pre-sales approach to qualify and attempt to more fully engage potential buyers. The majority still find it more productive to allow unbridled access to pertinent and necessary information.

May 2014: Do your inside sales managers sit with team members or maintain their own office?

Numerous inside managers have made a move to operate directly within their sales team's direct work area. The shift to more collaborative environments has made this type of structural arrangement much more common in recent years.



April 2014: Does your company have a workplace wellness program?

This type of offering has become highly popular amongst companies and employess for many financial and corporate reasons.



March 2014: Would/do you wear a productivity sensor at work?

The notion of wearing this type of device in the workplace clearly is not a popular one. Many employees view the practive as overly intrusive while a number of corporations maintain that they can predict and enhance productivity by utilizing these devices along with tailored analytics.

February 2014: Will a bad onboarding process prompt you to consider leaving a new position?

It appears that most people will look past a less than ideal introductory session with a new company. A fairly concrete correlation between a sound and well-structured onboarding process has been established that should prompt organizations to ensure that this part of the hiring process is sound.


January 2014: How many interviews did you complete with your current employer in order to obtain your job?

The results of this poll match what experience has shown over the years - most candidates go through 2 or 3 interviews to get a particular position.